Weekend plans

Mar 9, 2012

After being at the lovely VA hospital for 12 days straight, it is about time for a weekend!
As soon as we finish rounds today, I'm braving the torrential downpour that is flooding the south and heading to Dallas!

We have an action packed weekend planned, with the main attraction being this little show in Houston:

Who is Dr. Dog, you may ask?
Watch. Now.

Not only do we get to see Dr. Dog for the first time, but we alsooooo get to see Givers again!
Click here for a refresher of why I love Givers.

Side note:
Yesterday, I had the opportunity of contributing to a series of blog posts that Jenn @ Passenger Seat Perspectives hosted this week!

She was inspired to do a series of tutorials of completed Pinterest projects thanks to this image:

I gave a little tutorial on my favorite Pinterest accomplishment yet
Click here to check it out!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I am overwhelmed with the love from all my new blogger friends here lately, thank each and every one of you for contacting me and for leaving your sweet comments!
I surely won't mind if you keep it up!

Anyone else have exciting plans this weekend?


Contemplating Beauty said...

I have fun in Dallas, I'm going to watch that band now, I love bands that have a lot of members that are multi talented, that looks like these guys :)
Sounds like you had a looooooongggggg week, ENJOY your weekend hon!

Anonymous said...

Hihi it's so true; it's easy to pin things to diy-board and then forget them :D I could definitely use button like that, and then you could maybe post a pic of your own project below the original one :D

- Indie by Heart

Kim said...

love GIVERS! just recently discovered them and I'm in love!

found the route

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