Charlie's Evil Tactics

Apr 12, 2012

Charlie is not crate trained.
He is sleep in the bed trained.
I guess this says a lot about our future parenting skills.
Anyways, he has these little evil tactics of waking you up in the morning whenever he feels it is appropriate, regardless of the hour.
. . . much like a child, right? 

Waking up to this precious little face used to be enjoyable, back when he was cuddly and sweet.

Now that he's all teenager and sassy, he likes to implement many of the following techniques to piss you off enough to wake up:

1) Paw to the dome
Which is exactly what it sounds like, a slap to the head or a straight up "heisman on dat hoe" 

2) Nuzzle fake out into trachea compression
He ever so sweetly slithers his way onto your neck and then adds a little force so that you are completely unable to breath.

3) Bulldozer
Nudging you until you wake up or completely flip over . . . he's that strong/persistent.

And Josh just informed me of his latest tactic . . . 

4) Slide under the covers towards the end of the bed with such force that he pulls the covers completely off of the bed, forcing you to succumb to a blanketless bed.
Which equals no sleep whatsoever.

He's a smart one, I tell ya.

Note to self: Crate. Train.


{EnLove With Life} said...

I seriously adore your Charlie posts. He is so hysterical. And that first picture - epic. I think you should frame it and put it somewhere in your house.

Rebecca said...

I love that he has devil eyes in the pics too!

Chelsea said...

Sooo cute! I want a dog so badly!

Contemplating Beauty said...

Oh Charlie you are adorable!! Haha my pooch sleeps with us too! He's 6 not, so beyond his teen years, but sometimes he reverts to toddler behavior, so I hear ya! Awww. dig.him. and that picture of you at the end is GORGEOUS!!!

Rachel said...

My pup sleeps with us too and it's a habit that now,can't be broken.The last cracks me up...too cute!

Jeans 'n Tshirt said...

out doing some blog wanderings this morning...enjoying yours! just wondering how ya'll blog and live the lives you blog!!
(note: if you check mine it is almost cryptic in comparison...have not found the rhythm of blog)

Danielle said...

I LOVE your dog! Irish Setter, right? They are adorable!

Jessica - Of Revolt said...

Haha! I know only too well the sleepless mornings of a large dog - I used to have a very strong and very smart boxer, who really didn't care that I wanted to sleep in once in a while!

Looks like Charlie is putting his strength, smarts, AND cuteness to work here!


Jillian said...

So so cute! He's got some personality, that Charlie.

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