Rock Climbing at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Oct 4, 2011

The cool weather time of year reminds me of one of my favorite rock climbing expeditions of last year.
The trip was right after we got Charlie, so we didn't feel right just leaving him behind (even though our cabin had a no pets allowed policy, oops).
I'm praying every day for Josh to get a job that doesn't require him to work weekends anymore. 
(So that we can make another climbing trip soon)
Basically, what I'm saying is . . .

The trip was wonderful. 
Perfect weather & even more perfect scenery.
Arkansas is gorgeous in the fall. 
. . . as for Arkansas in all the other seasons, bleck.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch is often considered one of the best sports climbing locations in the south, particularly the best in Arkansas.

Nothing in the world is cuter than puppy Charlie sleeping on a monkey beanie baby.

. . . or a water bottle?

Sometimes I impress myself with these amazing photography skills.
Just kidding, it's just the camera's amazing photography skills, I promise.
But if I were to enter any photo in my DSLR camera lifetime into a photo contest it would probably be this one.

Thanks to our handy dandy guide and his handy dandy Arkansas rock climbing route book, Josh managed to figure out what routes to attempt and what routes to avoid.

. . . while I kept Charlie warm.

Our first route.

Josh was a pro at lead climbing and setting the anchors.
It's a super scary task and requires you to be very brave and awesome.

What a hunk.

I could probably sell this picture to Kavu for a million bucks, you think?

The view of the ranch from the top.

After our first day of climbing, we headed back to the cabin and took a few touristy pics on the way.

. . . with Josh's odd passion for wolves, it was only appropriate that our cabin was the wolf cabin.
I still can't figure out if his love for wolves is a joke or not.
Wolves aren't thaaaat cool.

View from the back porch of the cabin.

Ok, overload on Charlie pics. 
I know.
. . . but scruffy Josh and handsome Charles are just too darn precious.

Can you spot Josh?
He's 60 whoooooole feet high!
This route was called Cotton Candy.
Even though it was only a 5.6 rating, it's often considered one of the greatest 5.6 routes in the world.

. . . bringing out the super duper zoom lens.

I made it!

My first time to lead climb!
I did it.
All. By. Myself.

How did I get so lucky to be able to hang out with the two greatest boys in America? 

Last mushy pic, I promise.
Kavu and Land Rover should probably both pay me for this one.
It doesn't get much cuter than that.

RIP 'ol Cannondale.
You are missed.

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