It's time to be an adult

Aug 10, 2012

Today and tomorrow are the days I have been looking forward to for the last 27 months.
Tonight is our White Coat Ceremony where we upgrade from short white coats (which screams student) to the long white coat, which means Physician Assistant. 
Tomorrow is our graduation ceremony.
It is a little bittersweet, but much more sweet than bitter. 
Bitter: I have to be an adult now and get a real job
Sweet: After 22 long years of non-stop school, no more school
Enough of the sappy stuff, I'm just glad to be done.
I couldn't have survived these last two years without the incredible support from Jenna, Josh, and my awesome family.

I've mentioned before that our family along with two other families in our neighborhood are extremely close and we get together often for family dinners.
I graduate this week, Michael graduates from Louisiana Tech University next week, and Ellie is moving down to New Orleans to start at Tulane the next week.
Heather just got engaged and Ashley brought her boyfriend to meet the families all the way from Oxford.
It was only appropriate (and terribly cheesy) to commemorate our moving forward to a new chapter of our lives by lighting wish lanterns.
(You know, like from the movie Tangled?)
We all wrote sweet and weird messages on them, lit them, and sent them into the sky. 
(Hoping they wouldn't fall and catch the town on fire, we weren't sure if there was a burn ban or not)
We really meant to do it on the Fourth of July and we forgot, so we did them last night.

Side note: These are all iPhone pics, I really should get better about bringing my DSLR around more often.
This is SO fun though!
The lanterns all came from the dollar store, by the way, go getcha some!


Unknown said...

Congrats!!!! Yay for growing up (except not always).


Blytheponytailparades said...

I've never seen a lantern release like this! It looks like such fun :) CONGRATULATIONS!

Heather Grace said...

What a great (and cheap!) way to celebrate moving on to a new phase in life! And so pretty too!

Ashley said...


I soo wish we could release laterns like that in Canada!!! It is banned here!!

Chelsea said...

What a fun way to celebrate! This post makes me want to cry. I'm not sure why. Growing up..sniff sniff.

Laicie said...

Oh my gosh congratulations that is wonderful. It's not so bad to grow up... there's enough good for the bad. :)

Rachel said...

hey, congratulations tomorrow! That is really awesome.

Leanne said...

HI! I really like this lantern idea! They look so pretty! I totally understand about the iphone photos. Somethings it just so much easier to take photos with them cause they are always available. I also have a DSLR and have to remind myself to bring it to places too :)

Meghann @ Fuzzy Little Wishballs said...

I love the paper lanterns! Tuesday is my little girl's 5th birthday and we have some to set off for that occasion, as well. One of her favorite movies is Tangled, so I thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate such a big day.

Congrats on moving up in the world!!!

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