Oct 15, 2012

So, again, I completely failed at taking pictures of humans this weekend.
I only managed to instagram pretty things.
I need an intervention.
In my defense, I had a slam packed full weekend.
Wanna hear about it?
I knew you would.

Celebrated PA week at the orthopedic clinic I'm working at part time at until the wedding.
After work went to Dallas, forced Josh to go shopping for his wedding outfit (torture for the both of us)

Josh and I got interviewed about "our story" for our feature in The Texas Wedding Guide (so fun) and then left directly from that interview to go to Houston.
(With a quick stop at Texas Burger on the way, just to experience THE best burger I have had in my life, hands down. Dramatic? I don't care.)
After fighting 5:00 Houston traffic, I had a job interview with a surgeon from Dallas.
We left straight from that interview to reunite with Bart (thank you Jesus) then grabbed a quick dinner, just in time to make it to the Andrew Bird concert at The House of Blues (thank you Jesus)
In all honestly, I've never seen a musician that talented.
Bold statement coming from me, but so very true.

Woke up, grabbed brunch, went to a local Houston jeweler to choose our prize from The Texas Wedding Guide contest, and then made the five hour drive to Shreveport for the Louisiana Tech vs. Texas A&M game.
(While dealing with two super slow motion dudes, Charlie having bowel problems (TMI?) and getting a speeding ticket on the way)
Due to the game lasting two bazillion hours plus traffic leaving the game, we got home at 3:30am.

I had a wonderful bridal gift tea followed by our final session of engagement pictures (which required a few much needed glasses of wine)

. . . and now I will not get out of bed for one whole week.
The end.
Here is the only documented evidence of our weekend.

Bonus shower photo thanks to the most talented photographers I know, these two: 
Weird to think this is only half of the bridesmaids.
Goodness gracious.

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Chelsea said...

I looove all of the pink dresses! You girls are gorgeous!

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