Happy Third Birthday Charlie!

Aug 22, 2013

We are lucky to say we have had three pretty darn fantastic years with this pup of ours.
Today Charles turns 3, or 21 in dog years.
The terrible twos are over.
Is it a tad ridiculous how we treat this dog like he is a human?
Sometimes it's hard to believe he's not.
In this last year, he has endured yet another new home (the 4th I believe), adapted to a new roommate, withstood tons of torture (dry ice, ponytails, and pantyhose?), experienced his first Dallas snow, had his poop swabbed for DNA, and learned how to do yoga.

Some highlights of Charlie's third year:
He truly has been the greatest pup of all time!
To catch up on previous recaps of Charlie's first and second years of life go here . . . 


the Florkens said...

Awww!!! That last pic is to die for!! Happy Happy Birthday Charlie! He is a very, very handsome boy!!


Elle said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! All these pictures are just adorable (I spy the Chattanooga walking bridge!).

Today is our pup's 2nd Adoption Day. We don't know his birthday since he's a rescue so we celebrate this way :)

CWY said...

Happy birthday, Charlie!!

Jessica Kulick said...

Oh I love him! I am such a sucker for big fur babies. Happy birthday Charlie boy!

Leah said...

He sure is something special! :) Happy Birthday, Charlie! :)

The Adventurer said...

Josh and fog dog is killing me. So much. Its hilarious!

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