We got a new brother-in-law!

Aug 20, 2013

This past weekend, Josh and I headed east to celebrate his sister's marriage. 
Excuse the heavy amount of iPhone photos.
One day I will be better about using my DSLR, I promise. 
I had a blast helping prepare for the wedding with his mom and my sister-in-law (who is pregnant, btw, even though her husband likes to refer to her bump as a beer belly)
How cute is my little politician wedding date? 
Is it still a selfie if you don't show your face?
Regardless, I needed to share with the world the fact that this is the only statement necklace I own.
(If it even counts as a statement necklace)
Obviously, I like to make bold statements. 
Here's a little peek into their precious wedding: 
The groom has a slight addiction to Rockstar energy drinks, so he just had to have a Rockstar cake! 
I kept getting Game of Thrones vibes from the main table.
A little brother sister slideshow love.
Josh and his grandmother (the one who left me the sweet note about getting new tennis shoes)
This weekend she watched another grandchild get married and also became a great-great grandmother for the third time! 
The newlyweds! 
A wedding wouldn't be complete without a grand exit and sparklers are my favorite! 
We are so thrilled to gain a new brother-in-law, and we are also thrilled that they are going to be moving to Dallas! 
Yay for having family close to home! 

1 comment:

the Florkens said...

I stalked these on Instagram all weekend -- It looked like a beautiful affair and you looked FAB!

Congrats to you and your family!


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