Life Update {via Instagram}

Nov 22, 2013

I've been rather sporadic with the blogging lately, so to keep you updated with all the latest and greatest happenings in our always eventful lives, I'll give you a quick overview
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Let's start with the worst news first:
I burnt pralines.
I didn't know it was possible, and my mom is probably mortified, but it happened and I'm ashamed.
Black as tar, y'all.
Halloween morning, Josh left some very important jewelry on the coffee table.
Apparently, he wanted to be single for Halloween.
I fell in love with some vintage glasses, and the was gifted them for my birthday.
Fun fact: I was told they used to come in oatmeal boxes in the 40's?
We became an Aunt and Uncle!!
Josh's brother and his wife gave birth to the sweetest, most beautiful baby in the world, Abram
On that note, Josh held a baby for the first time and this is how Abram felt about it.
I finally completed our wedding album.
I completely customized the template myself via Artifact Uprising, and stressed over it for 4-5 months.
Josh snap chatted himself wearing a red scrub cap not realizing he looked like BoZo's long lost twin brother. 
Our favorite restaurant in Dallas, Whiskey Cake, opened a sister restaurant Mexican Sugar (which is conveniently walking distance from our apartment).
We've been waiting months to try it, and somehow we beat the crowds and caught a soft opening.
Our minds were blown.
If Whiskey Cake and Velvet Taco had a fancy love child, this would most definitely be it. 
OH, and in other food news . . . 
We had our first crawfish of the season. 
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Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

crawfish envy!

Jessica Elizabeth said...

i also live in dallas - i love your blog! my instagram username is jessicakojder! email is

Anonymous said...

Crawfish = crayfish? ..Right? Haha. I live in New Zealand so it's confusing! I'm following you on instagram now too :) Mine is xkendelvictoria if you want to follow along as well!

melindarose said...

I'm following you on instagram, too! Mine is melinda_jarnecke

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