Breckenridge Family Vacay Part 1: Around Town

Dec 7, 2011

Last winter, our wonderful parents took us back to one of our favorite cities in the world for our family vacation . . . 

Breckenridge, Colorado!

The day after Christmas we loaded up the car and headed north . . . 
 (and made a little pit stop in Boulder to let Ellie check out University of Colorado)

Naturally, dad wore his Birkenstocks with socks.
Perfect snow shoes.

Snow cave!

Josh flew in just in time for dinner at Breckenridge Brewery!

Best crepes of muh life.
That line is never ever shorter than that right there.

I had just received my camera for my birthday for Josh, so I did a whole lot of playing.

My favorite!
I'm sending it in to PBR.

Dinner at Motherloaded Tavern


Snow ice cream!

. . . all it took was a little sweeten condensed milk, vanilla, and a tad bit of Bailey's for the adults (everyone but Ellie)

THE most gorgeous city in America.

Had to make one last stop at Crepes a la Cart for breakfast on the way out . . . 

Smart mom made PBJ's to go for the ride home.

. . . and Josh provided every terrible snack he could find in the gas station.
(Including stale Halloween peeps)

mmmm mmmmmm circus peanuts.

This was the first time in a while we have been able to have a family vacation with just our family, but it was by far one of the funnest trips I've ever been on.
I couldn't have been blessed with a more fun, loving, and fun-loving family!
Thanks again mom and dad!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2: 
Hittin up the slopes!

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