Getting crafty with chalkboard paint

Dec 28, 2011

 With lots of inspiration from Pinterest, mom and I spent a lot of time getting creative with chalkboard paint. 
We painted some wineglasses and ale glasses for friends and canisters for Allison’s new house.

Miley wasn't much help at all.

We covered the wine glasses with sandwich baggies and then taped the line we wanted to chalkboard paint to begin.

For the canisters and ale glasses, we kinda just made our own stencil with painters tape and scissors.

Alli sent me this picture of the new canisters in their house! 

Once you have arranged the area to be painted, be sure to completely cover every inch of the object with plastic bags or tape or something.

It turned out to be super easy, and makes a really versatile, cute gift!


Makaila said...

You are so dang crafty! Love, love your blog!

Emily said...

well thank ya ma'am! you are so sweet! thanks for stopping by and for the comment!

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