Christmas picture overload

Dec 27, 2011

Here's a few snapshots from our Christmas weekend . . . 
I'm sorry in advance.

This one is my personal fav!

The Rat's nest.

Caramel cake.

The cutest Christmas ornament cupcakes in the world.

The cutest little cousin in the world.

Mikey's beard freaked Ethan out.

Mango margs

Christmas Eve mexican dinner.

Allison and Cole 

The kids table!

Cousin presents!

Running down the stairs Christmas morning.

 Ellie and her Santa goodies.

Mikey was real excited Santa came to see him.

Gram manned her post to monitor the one-at-a-time gift opening process.

Dad tricked mom with a picture of a fake zebra print rug, then a check for a real rug of her choosing.
Smart man.

Highlight of Christmas.
Potentially highlight of my life.
This gift from Mikey:
 (Only a few tears were shed!)

Gram lovvved her new Ugg earmuffs for Yellowstone.

. . . and Ellie, mom, and I lovvvved our trip to NYC gift from gram!

Mikey was pretty proud of his PBR ski hat from me!

Christmas dinner time!

Every type of oyster under the sun . . .

Ellie and Lyndie in their fancy dresses.

Cara, Alli, and I in our grey attire.

Cousin pic!

Family photo.

We'll be hitting the slopes all week with Josh's fan, but I've got a few posts up my sleeves so keep checkin back all week!

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