My [Lack of A] Christmas Tree

Dec 24, 2011

Being a busy second year PA student, I haven't quite had the time (or permanent home) to set up and decorate my real Christmas tree.
(I don't even think Jenna and I put up a tree last year either, ooooopsie)

. . . but here's a pic of my Christmas tree from college!

So i've settled with this adorable (travel size) charlie brown tree! 
We do clinical rotations throughout the state every 4 weeks, and this month I will be traveling between 3 different cities in Louisiana, as well as vacationing in Denver and New Mexico, so this little buddy will be with me all along the way!

It was only $6.99 at Walgreens!
It also makes a great gift for newlyweds or other peeps who are too busy/lazy/old to put up christmas trees!

He weathered the great Denver snow storm of 2011 quite nicely!

On another note, Merry Christmas Eve!
I snapped this pic of a note from the kids Ellie babysat last weekend.
They wrote the little note to their Elf on a Shelf . . .

Hope Santa comes to visit everyone tonight!

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