More crafty Christmas gifts

Dec 30, 2011

Another Pinterest inspired Christmas project we did last week was a few gifts for our cousins Laura and Lyndie.

For Lyndie's gift, Ellie/mom found a frame at Hobby Lobby and strung some wire across it to hold pictures.

They found some precious mini clothes pins to clip the pictures with!
(We used our Christmas cards as props for this pic)

Ellie eventually filled it with pictures of her and Lyndie, and Lyndie absolutely loved it!

The next project mom and I took on was a magnet board for Laura.
We found another frame from Hobby Lobby and got a piece of sheet metal cut to fill it.
We also picked out some cute wrapping paper to cover the metal with.

Decoupage worked great to cover the wrapping paper with (on the underside and the top side!) allowing it to stick to the sheet metal.

It came out so cute!

It will go perfect in Laura's new apartment in Georgia!

1 comment:

Brewer said...

Where did you find the mini clothes pins? Have you tried anything else to hang the pictures on the wire?

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