Weekend. Success.

Dec 18, 2011

It may have been 50 degrees this weekend, but it snowed!
Friday night Jenna and I met up with mom & dad and their friends at the Boardwalk to see the nightly 7:00 10 minute soapy substance fake snow storm.


Then we went to Maggies house for her tacky Christmas party!

Then (apparently) we swam across the Red River.

Sup Ray Liotta.
I asked him to join us and told him I would provide a reeeeeal cute Christmas sweater, but he said he couldn't hang.
I wonder what gave him that impression.

41 Facebook notifications at 1:00 am . . . hmmmm wonder who it could be?
Only the cooooolest friend in the world.

Highlight of the weekend:
When we hopped in the cab Saturday night I (jokingly) yelled "Is this the cash cab?"
The driver proceeds to pull out his iPod and states:
 "Actually it is. You have ten seconds to guess the correct singer, and for each one you correctly guess you will get a dollar off you fare."
Best. Night. Ever.

Congrats to Amy GREATHOUSE! 
Beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride (and handsome groom!)
Um . . . and mashed potato martini bar? Amazing!
Hope y'all have soooo much fun in Canada!! 

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