Breckenridge Family Vacay Part 2: The Slopes

Dec 8, 2011

Snow skiing probably takes the cake for my favorite activity.
Could you call it a hobby?
Or a sport?
Whatever it is, I'm addicted.
I absolutely love it.

I gave Ellie a quick refresher course on skiing . . . 

Then she posed for a few pics like a pro . . .
. . . how cool are our breast cancer awareness skis??

Mom didn't wanna join the group for a family photo, even though her pajamas were super cute.

The kiddie trails were our favorite thing!
The Haunted Forest and Riperoo's Forest were filled with bumps and jumps and sharp curves and big monster spiders you can ski under and treehouses you can ski through.
 . . . you know, big kid stuff.

Highlight of the week by far.
Michael misjudged the uh . . . depth of the powder . . . and skied smack dab into a 2-3 foot bank of snow, in which his skis got stuck and he flew about 10 feet forward, face first, into the snow.
I truly can't look at this picture with laughing/peeing my pants/crying.

It took a good 20-30 minutes of poling around to find his missing skis in the powder.
. . . while we stood there laughing til we cried (and taking pictures.)

Awkward Ellie, holding down the lift with two young boys she was too scared to talk to.
Who are we kidding. . . Ellie, too scared to talk?
True story.

Me and the boys headed over to peak 10 . . . which is all blacks, I might add.
Black diamonds, to clarify.
My first time to go on a whole peak of blacks without the option of chickening out and skiing an easier blue down instead.
. . . and it was amazing.
I can hang with the boys.
For the record, we are the same skill level, they just have fewer inhibitions than me.

Speaking of no inhibitions, it wasn't until the last day that I was brave enough to try this ramp that the boys had been taking on the last run back home . . . and I stuck the landing!

The last day we finished it off by taking the T-Bar to the peak to conquer some more black slopes.
. . . where Dad pretty much blew us all out of the water with his ski skills.

The view from the top.

Blacks, blacks, all kindsaaaaa blacks.

One of our favorite things was night skiing at Keystone!
Last time we went to Breckenridge in college, we happened to time it just right where we made it to the peak of Keystone to night ski just in time for us to see the sunset over Breckenridge.
Absolutely gorgeous.
(. . . another blog post, another day)

After a long hard day of skiing . . . Josh was ready to punch me in the face.

Everyone tended to get a little bothered by me being all like "Go go go! We gotta squeeze in as much ski time as possible before the lifts close and I get really grumpy" 
They were all like "Shut up weirdo, our calves are about to explode and our toes are gonna fall off" 
. . . but I didn't really care, who needs toes?

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