A rather enlightening weekend

Aug 26, 2013

This weekend I learned a lot.
I got educated in the worlds of donuts and soccer.
Oh donuts? Yea we cheated on our 30 day challenge, more on that later
I witnessed my first soccer game ever.
What? Am I even American?
Well if I wasn't american then I would call it futbol, so yes I'm an American who doesn't know crap about soccer. 
I'm ok with that.
It was awesome.
I paid $7 to go see a professional soccer game 
That $7 included tickets to the game and a round trip shuttle ride from a bar at our apartment complex.
. . . plus some $4 beers 
Yes, $4 beers a professional sporting event.
That was real life.
Suck it, Rangers two million dollar beers.
The next morning I found this on my phone.
Still not sure why it happened, or what the circumstance, but I feel like that is probably due to that mighty tall stack of empty cups.
The game ended in a tie.
Which led to another educating moment of the weekend.
I had no idea soccer games could end in a tie.
Please judge me.

. . . on to the more important topic at hand.
The donuts.
We went back to Dallas's Hypnotic Donuts this weekend.
They are pretty well known for their chicken biscuits, and their chicken biscuit of the month was quite the cat's pajamas, bees knees, tits.
Josh bet me I wouldn't say that.
Anyways, it was dang good.
Their instagram and description of the donut is way better than anything I could provide:
P.S. Follow Hypnotic Donuts on Instagram @KingDonut for some major donut porn. 
Our taste buds, and minds, and stomachs were all blown.
. . . then I followed it up with coconut cream filled donut with vanilla bean icing (breakfast dessert, duh) and then an Adam Bomb from White Rock Coffee
These three things right here and hands down the best three things in Dallas.
. . . other than the Whiskey Cake at Whiskey Cake (but that's in Plano, and some people get rather hot and bothered when you consider the burbs as Dallas)
Add all of the above to your Dallas to-do list immediately, or I will feel like I have served a major injustice.


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Dying laughing that that donut was the "tits".

brooke lyn said...

haha soccer games are pretty awesome. we are timbers season ticket holders out here in portland and i love. although i knew nothing about it before the bf.

the Florkens said...

Um... You are giving me ideas about what to bet Adam to say on the blog! HAHAAHA


Lublyou said...

Those donuts.... wow... :-)

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