Snow skiin' New Mexico

Jan 2, 2012

Last week Josh & I got to go snow skiing with his family in New Mexico.
I was unable to take my usual ridiculous amount of pictures, but here's a few snapshots from our trip:

I was entertained by the comparison of my road trip essentials . . .

. . . with Josh's:

Beautiful sky over New Mexico . . .

We got to ski one day at Angel Fire and two days Taos. 
Taos was by far our favorite!

 One of the funnest things to do on the mountain is to ski the little kiddie trails through the woods suuuuuper fast.

. . . and of course, staying hydrated was a top priority.

Sadly, I never pulled out my DSLR the whole trip (and I definitely wasn't brave enough to bring it on the slopes) so all of these pics are from my phone.

Josh sneakily snapped this pic while I was searching for the bathroom.
Not sure why I look like I'm cranking dat soulja boy.

Lunch day 2: Clif bars on the lift
Did you know they make Clif bars with caffeine now?

Josh's brother and his sweet wife.

Dang fingers got in the way.

Adam skied with us on the last day.
It was his first time to ever ski and he was doing moguls with us!
He's a beast!

After the boys um, busted their butts, by taking a ramp into a few feet of powder, I was in tears watching them attempt to get back in their skis.
It literally took about 30 minutes.
The picture below shows Josh trying to use his ski pole to help him stand, but the ski pole (and his entire arm) sunk completely beneath the snow.
I peed.

Beware of explosives.
They'll get ya every time.

Fancy pantsy dinner night.

Josh's wipeouts entertain me.

Lunch day 3: The Bavarian.

When you get worn out (or sick from overeating Bavarian food at lunch), just casually fall down and eat some snow.

See ya Taos!


Kym+Dustin said...

OH man! This post makes me want to go skiing Right NOW! Looks like you had a blast!

Emily said...

hah, thanks! we definitely did! I'm so jealous of your current location, and the one before that, and the one before that! keep up the good bloggin :)

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