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Jun 1, 2012

Hey there lovely Dash Board Diary readers!

I'm Lauren or Lo {if you'd like!} and I blog over at Tippee Canoe!

I am taking over the wonderful Emily's blog for her today because she is out having tons of fun without us! Jeaaaalous! She is out of town for the weekend camping with NO wifi! So alas I am here taking over today to talk to you about my favorite fashion trends for the spring/summer! YAY! ...P.S. Emily will be back on Monday! {I for one can't wait to here about her camping fun!}


I am so excited to be blogging here today so I can share with you what I am lusting over in the fashion world for Spring/Summer!!

Oh.my.goodness. I ADORE this time of year! I LIVE for the heat! L.O.V.E love it! & I love the fashion that comes along with it! 

So here are my must haves for these seasons!

So it's no secret that colorful jeans/shorts are in this season! & I really do not mind one bit! I LOVE color! I will do anything to add it to my outfit and I think this is the perfect way! You can dress it up or down and it ALWAYS looks fantastic! I have yet to find myself some colorful shorts which is a major bummer, & whomever is hiding all the mint jeans should probably share! Im desperate! 

These seasons dresses are always SO much FUN! Pastels/bold colors/fun prints! They have it all!! & isn't it fun to just put a cute dress on and feel all girly? & maybe even do a little twirl?! 

Love Love Love Boho bags! They just give off that beachy kind of feeling...and really..who doesn't like the beach?

Shoes!! Shoes are literally the perfect ending to a great outfit! They can dress it up or down or add a splash of color! You can have a lot of fun with shoes! A girl can never have too many pairs if you ask me!

 Ok so maybe you already get the point that I really sort of adore color? But here is another fantastic way to add just a splash! Fingers, Toes, or Lips, you can be bold or subtle! I love a good mint or teal, coral or light pink on the toes and fingers nails! As for lips? Why not a bright fuchsia or bold red! Too much? try a soft pink!

T-shirts are always comfy! & if you find the right ones, they look seriously adorable too! It's a good way to look chic and laid back all at the same time! Fun prints, or bold colors and patterns, you can't go wrong!

So apparently I am obsessed with mint/teal these days...who isn't? But anywho! Accessories are such a wonderful way to also add color and charm to an outfit! I think the chunkier and more layered you can go these seasons, the better!...also, if someone bought me that watch, I probably wouldn't be mad about it!

Hair! I definitely also consider hair an accessory! For me it can make or break my entire outfit. No. I'm not kidding. These days I am love love loving braids of all kinds! They are a perfect way to keep your hair up and out of the way! We all know how annoying it can get when its hot out and your hair is either sticking to your neck or going flat all over. Boo. So braid it up! Get inventive with it! Above are my personal ones that I adore. & rock all.the.time. no joke!

Well there you have it lovelies! My Spring/ Summer must haves&loves&obsessions!

What are yours?!?!

You can find all of the fashionawesomeness HERE

& the hairstyles on my blog! If anyone wants tutorials on some funky braids, just ask!! 

So come on over and visit Tippee Canoe! I would love to have you! & please leave a comment with your blog address so I can come visit and get to know you better!!



Hailey said...

i found some fun colored shorts at Gap! i love them! those braids are awesome too!


Tamaras Blend said...

Colourful jeans and dresses are on my wishlist too - especially in mint and cream. And some new sandals and maybe a bag, haha. :)


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