We decided to keep on bloggin'

May 26, 2011

We initially started blogging a few weeks ago during a 3 week west coast road trip. For any of yall who don't know, here's the abridged version of our little vacay: we hit an elk, totaled our car, got a rental car, completely re-routed our entire trip, got 2 bikes stolen, and then Josh broke his toe while surfing. It wasn't quite the trip we had planned, but it turned out to provide some pretty entertaining posts (from what we've been told), and it was definitely the experience of a lifetime. Therefore, we couldn't resist the opportunity to continue blogging about our past and future adventures! We hope to keep the blog updated a few times a week...whether it's about our current travels, our taste in music & food, or just an entertaining video! Bookmark us and stay tuned :)

Right now we are packing up to fly to Seattle and drive to the Gorge for the Sasquatch Music Festival over the weekend...and then on Tuesday all our dreams will come true and we will get to kayak with killer whales around the San Juan Islands!

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