The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 3]

May 4, 2011

Makin Money in Vegas
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

After the elk incident, we figured we should make a solid attempt to make money in Vegas, as opposed the losing money in Vegas plan that most people are so good at.

Our first attempt was unsuccessful to say the least:

We thought they might appreciate the help passing out their “flyers”

Finally, we were offered the opportunity to sit down and watch a pilot episode of potential future NBC series for the large profit of $20. 
So, we figured why not?

The whole experience was actually pretty neat. You sit down, answer some questions, and just watch the show.

You get a red and green clicker that you are supposed to click when you see a part you like or don’t like.

The show was actually pretty good . . . but Josh clicked his red clicker every time Wilmer Valderrama came on the screen. 
Notice his comments on Wilmer’s character written in green below . . .

We were surprised to actually receive $20 cash for watching tv.

I magically turned that hard earned “free” cash into $100 on the roulette table.

For breakfast/lunch today we went to our Man vs Food stop number 1: Hash House A Go Go. 
We love Adam Richman!

All three of us got their famous Chicken & Waffles.

They cooked bacon INSIDE THE WAFFLES! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

We ended up gettin to the Bellagio Fountains just in time for the show. 
It was to the tune of “All That Jazz”, which I loved. 
Much better than last time’s “Proud to be an American" even though we are, in fact, so proud to be Americans.

I also got to look at the ceiling flowers at the Bellagio.

Here’s some more random pictures of things from today:

Last time we never went in the Paris casino/hotel, but we did today and I’m obsessed.
 I liked the bathrooms too for some reason . . . I think the style reminds me of mom.

And of course the cupcakes at the Sugar Factory in Paris . . .

We had dinner at Todai Sushi & Seafood Buffet, which we heard had the best sushi in town.

. . . and also the worst desserts in town.

Josh said that palm tree looked like it had good climbing grips, so we got in a few practice climbs for Yosemite.

This is one of my favorite pictures!
I’ve been playing around with the shutter speed and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.

I need these light fixtures from the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

More from Vegas coming soon . . . 

Present day follow up thoughts:
That show we got paid for watching actually made it to tv!
We couldn't help but laugh when we saw the commercial for NBC's new hit show "Awake"
I haven't watched an episode yet, but I'm fascinated to know if they took Josh's strong feelings towards Wilmer Valderrama's character into consideration.

Anyways, if you missed any of this series last week you can catch up right here:


Jillian said...

Bacon INSIDE waffles?! Dream come true.

What fun photos!

Anonymous said...

So much fun :) Nice win at the roulette, and all that gorgeous food * drool * chicken waffles, bacon .. unbelievable. Looks like an amazing place to visit. I'm not so into the gambling part but I bet my bf would love it too :D

Indie by heart

Morgan said...

those bathroom sinks!! and the millions-of-lightbulbs-light-fixtures!! What a fun peak into Vegas. I'm impressed with your roulette skills. p.s. what could someone possibly have against wilmer?? haha

Contemplating Beauty said...

I have never been to vegas but hope to get there someday, looks like you guys had lots of adventures!!!

Baylee said...

That's so rad that you got to check out the pilot! I wanna do that. Also, bacon waffles..holy..

Empirically Erin said...

My grandmother always used to cook bacon into our waffles. I guess I thought that was normal! :) It is definitely amazing though. Thanks for re-posting this story, it's so interesting and funny!!

Loe said...

Your pictures are great!!! I'll be going to Vegas for a friend's birthday in November and your Vegas posts are getting me more excited! I will have to tell her about Hash House A Go Go! BACON INSIDE OF THE WAFFLES?! For realz!?! :) That sounds so awesome!

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