The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 12]

May 13, 2011

Friday May 13, 2011

We finally made it to Yosemite!
Josh had to read and sign the “Bear Necessities” but he “bearly” skimmed through it.
(He made me write that)

We arrived to our campsite Wednesday afternoon . . . and were greeted by this odd individual filling up her truck with suitcases of rocks:

We went ahead and set up camp

We did a little bit of sight seeing

. . . and then took some of these awesome pics

El Capitan

Yosemite Falls

Half Dome

Josh kept singing “Day moon...whoaaaaa, fighter of the night moon, whoaaaaaaaa...”

I shot this little video as well . . . 

After picking up some much needed necessities from the store in the valley

We started workin on dinner.

. . . and by we I mean they.


Later the park ranger came by asking about some “missing people” and turns out ol rock lady had gone missing. 
I filled the ranger in on all the info I knew, and he interrupted me to ask how much I had to drink tonight. I told him I had had one beer and then he proceeded to ask me If I always talked like that?
I said well sir we are from Louisiana, and then he said "No, it's not the accent, do you have a tongue ring in?" 
I always knew I talked funny, but really? A tongue ring? 

After that incident (that the boys will NEVER let me live down) we played Texas Hold ‘Em with Crystal Light energy packets . . . and I accidentally dominated. 
My bad.

Check back later for our post about our backpacking adventure in the backcountry of Yosemite. 
We just made it to Santa Rosa and I’m wading through all 300 pictures I took before we head to dinner. This mayyyyyyyy take a while.

Do you think they can still mail you a ticket if you run a toll booth in a rental car? Think about it . . . 

Parting Pic of the Day:

Present day follow up thoughts:
Yea, we used sticks for marshmallow skewers.

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Carlee, Little Sloth said...

I love this post! It is so funny and cute. I love the picture of you two overlooking the view. Looks like you had tons of fun. And the park ranger doesn't sound like a very nice guy!

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