The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 5 1/2]

May 6, 2011

"Sin Fin: The Rest of Vegas"
Friday May 6, 2011

Josh wouldn’t let us head to the Beatles show until we watched the Republican GOP Debate . . . which was strange to me because I had no idea he was into politics.
Ron Paul proceeded to change Josh’s life, so much so that he ordered us all bumper stickers and donated $20.12 to his campaign fund.
Then Bart and I asked him where he was going to put his bumper sticker considering he has no car.
He said its for his backpack.

On the way to the show, I wanted to stop at the candy store for a SMALL sugar fix.

 Josh offered me assistance with filling my bag . . . which should have been a major red flag.
He ever so lovingly filled my candy bag to the brim with Cold Stone Creamery Special Edition Jelly Bellys . . . until the bag busted causing an atomic jelly bean explosion.
A $26 explosion.

We all laughed until we cried, collected ourselves, and headed to the show.

(This is one of my favorite pictures from a previous trip to Vegas. For some reason the guys thought they could recreate the shadows)

They briefly warned us not to take pictures inside the theater, but I guess that didn’t really register in my picture savvy brain.
I snapped a few with my DSLR before the show started.

Sooooooo, during the show I tried to snap a few pictures with my iPhone.
Huge mistake.
You would have thought I was trying to steal the Declaration of Independence.
A kind young lady came down, snatched it from my hands, and ran.
She later returned with this tag (and no phone).
I felt like I was back at Glenbrook getting a ticket for having my cell phone out.

After the show, I found my BFF Jessica and she lovingly returned my phone to me . . . and managed to delete every picture I had taken.
Wasn’t that so sweet of her?
Apparently there are snipers in the rafters who look for innocent girls playing with their phones during the show.
(Did I spell rafters right? I’ve never typed the word rafters . . . I’ve also never been sniped from rafters.)

Anyways, the show was nuts. It blew all of our minds.
We forgot we were in real life.
The show incorporated a lot of audio recordings of discussions between the band, which was one of my favorite things about it.
I wish I could have recorded it and watch it every day.
Since I couldn’t, then maybe this little video I found on youtube might give you a taste of how amazing it was.

Random thoughts:
-I wanna give a shout out to my grandmother for telling us about the free wi-fi app! It’s saved us a lot of trouble and money on the road

-Last night I had a really scary dream that when we checked out of the hotel, our internet bill was $5,000 because of hidden fees. That’s really sad that I have dreams about hidden fees. It’s probably due to all of the garbage we’ve been enduring from the rental car people . . . but hey, we JUST found out that Bart’s car salesman skills helped us win the battle of man vs. the greedy corporate machine that is insurance companies. 

-Josh just got a call asking for his permission to “release” his car since it was totaled.
It was a pretty sad moment for all of us, so what do we do in sad moments?
Make jokes.

We then had a conversation along the lines of this:

    Emily: “This is really sad, I feel like your car is a pet and we are having to put it to sleep.”
    Bart: “Mr. Kerrigan, the damage is too extensive, it would be in your best interest to put him out of his misery.”
    Josh: “Ya’ll shut up, this is serious.”
    Emily: “We really did everything we could do, it’s time to let go.”
    Bart: “Do you want to take it home with you, or do you want us to dispose of it for you?”
    Josh: “I sure hope all cars go to heaven.”

Next, we’re headed across the Mojave towards California...
As I type this, Josh has The O.C. theme song on repeat to see how long we can endure it. 

And now . . . your parting PICS of the day:

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