The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 6]

May 7, 2011

"Journey Through the Mojave"
Saturday, May 7, 2011

In order to make it to Los Angeles, we had to fill up our gas tank in the “new” car for the first time. 
After stopping for lunch, again at In-n-Out (don’t judge), we stopped for gas at the cheapest station we could find:

It only took $99 to fill up the tank. 
No biggie.
We weren’t sure if this was a desert mirage or not, but we kept seeing billboards for fresh alien jerky. 
We couldn’t resist checking it out . . . 

This is serious. One flavor was “Road Kill Original”

Bart had been making Super Mario references all week, so it only made sense for him to get the “Power-Up” energy drink.

Tequila flavored pistachios? really?

They had some crazy energy drinks . . . or did they?

Josh tried to buy some Dave’s Insanity hot sauce and the salesman told him that he feeds that to Kindergarteners. He let them sample the Devils Blood hotsauce instead...

We loaded up on the alien jerky!

I bought garlic onion pistachios and honey teriyaki jerky.

We had to go through a checkpoint to see if we had any animals, fruits, or vegetables.
It was scary because we had a whole sack of beans, jelly beans.

We went to our second In-N-Out burger and I learned about their “secret menu.”
More on that later . . . 
Josh claims In-N-Out is the Cane’s of hamburgers.

We finally made it to Los Angeles.
This city is fascinating to me.
The smog is insane, EVERYONE wears black, and the people are crazy . . .
Josh’s favorite response to homeless people asking for change is “If you want change, vote Ron Paul 2012”

Asian tourists are my favorite.

Crane on Tom Hanks, what?
hah, look at the woman taking his picture.
Oh, the talent.

We ran into Chingy on the Hollywood walk of fame...right?

And then we saw some women . . . I mean men . . . I mean look at those calves.
I don’t know, but I do know that when they passed me I heard one say “Oh No! I just felt my junk fall out!” and I don’t think he/she was referring to a few items falling out of his/her purse.

I loved this (I believe this around the time Osama bid Laden died)

We ended up coming across this wonderful brew pub that was featuring a local brewer for the night. 

My new love . . .

We started off the night with a cheese platter . . . have I mentioned I LOVE CHEESE?

The boys were working hard at “networking” for their future brewery.

On the walk back, we wanted to make a quick visit with Zoltar:

Oh yea,  we also wanted to say a huge thank you to Josh’s dad for helpin us out with bookin a hotel in Los Angeles. We got a really nice one, in a great location. Thanks a whole bunch Mr. Nicki! 

Parting Pic of the Day:


Courtney B said...

Filling up the tank makes me want to cry every. time.
Stupid gas prices!
And that alien jerky store looks SO fun! I want to go there someday. Ha ha, I promise I'm not weird! Jerky and pistachios are two of my favorite things!

Cassandra said...

What fun! It is so scarey how high gas prices are getting. I've never seen so many crazy energy drinks.

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

OMG Chingy 2.0 is perf. Dibs.

Contemplating Beauty said...

quite the interesting store, that is one for the scrapbooks!!!

looks like a packed little trip, fun times!! You are so pretty!

Rebecca said...

Woww....lots of local talent!

Laura said...

Aw, i hate pistachios :c But those energy drinks look awesome <3

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