The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 15]

May 15, 2011

"San Frantastic"
Sunday May 15, 2012

First of all, before we get to the goods, we have to start off this post with some delightful breaking news:
2 of our 3 bikes got stolen from our sketchy hotel parking lot in San Fran
The bikes were chained up on our bike rack and everything. 
The sneaky little thieves used bolt cutters and stole them with our car in plain view of a security camera . . . that just so happened to “not be recording.” 
We are really not that surprised . . . it's just our luck. 
So now we have lost a total of 3 forms of transportation . . . a Land Rover and two $400 bikes, leaving us with Josh’s bike and a rental car.

    -We only have one bike to keep up with now. Thats a lot left to lug around . . . can you bring a bike on an Amtrak?
    -Whoever stole those bikes probably needed them a lot more than we did.
    -At least they didn’t break into the rental car.
    -Supposedly, since the bikes were “attached” to the car, we can claim them under insurance. 
Awesome . . . more dealing with insurance people.
    -We now know when traveling across country, you need a gorilla guarding your bikes at all times, or just a stronger bike lock. 

On a good note, Josh found a really good deal on a Land Rover just like his old one that he might buy in Dallas . . . but on a very bad note, Enterprise told us that it would cost $1 per mile for us to drop the rental car off in Dallas . . . which equals roughly $1067.90 extra dollars on top of the $1000 we are already paying for the car. 
Enterprise is probably the biggest pain in the butt in America. 
If only they had stolen all three bikes . . . in a way, the lazy thief really screwed us worse by only stealing two bikes.

So now we’re back at square one. 
We’re stranded. 
All our forms of transportation are shot. 
We can’t downsize to a smaller rental car or fly because we have too much junk (the one bike that wasn’t stolen + the bike rack), Amtrak doesn’t have a route from Phoenix to Texas and we don’t know when we will get the insurance check so that Josh can buy a new car (Josh just told the insurance people “we’re stranded out west”). 
We are contemplating hitchin a ride with a kind trucker headin from Phoenix to Dallas . . . 

We’re stoppin in San Luis Obispo right now (The Happiest City in America according to Oprah) so we can hopefully catch a little happiness in the air (and Starbucks & free wi-fi) 

So anyways . . . back to more happy things . . . 

Before leaving Santa Rosa, we had to stop by Sift one last time to get my cupcake fix . . . this time I got snickerdoodle and samoa, mind blowing. 

And we also saw this hilarious ad on a telephone pole:

We finally made it to San Francisco, and Josh couldn’t resist crossing the Golden Gate bridge blasting the Full House theme song on his iPod. 

As soon as we arrived, we couldn’t help but notice all the crazy dressed up people EVERYWHERE. Initially we just thought the city was that weird, but then we found out it was a weeklong event called ZOMG where each day has a dress up theme and Sunday’s theme happened to be The Future. 
Funny stuff.  
I was too scared to take any pictures of the dressed up people, but here’s some pics of the city:

Taylor and Mikey! We found the Squat & Gobble!

Yesterday we tried out two microbreweries, 21st Amendment and Thirsty Bear. 
21st Amendment was known for their watermelon infused beer:

We weren’t that crazy about it and I thought it tasted like vegetables . . . and everyone knows how I feel about vegetables.

Thirsty Bear is known for their organic beer. 
We stopped by earlier in the day and they were closed for a private party, but the owner passed out free drink coupons if we were to come back later in the day, which we did. 

They had flamenco dancers...

 . . . and very confusing toilets

We were hoping to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge this morning, but the Great Bike Raid of 2011 kinda shot down those dreams. 
Instead, we went to another Man vs. Food place for lunch, Ike’s Place. 
It turned out to be just what we needed. 
The food was amazing, they had New Kids on the Block music playing, we got to meet the owner Ike, AND they give out caramel apple suckers with every sandwich! 
Thank you Jesus for Ike’s. 

Even though we loved Ike’s, San Francisco left us with a bad taste in our mouths, so we’re headin as fast as we can back to our favorite place in Cali . . . Santa Barbara (while Josh is jamming The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow from Annie as a little encouragement . . . if only it was Zach Galifianakis’s version from SNL) 
We look forward to a lot of sun, surfing, and more time hanging out with Katie & Wayne! 
(Hopefully Josh’s insurance check will come in this week too!)

For the sake of Josh’s reputation (so people don’t truly think he likes showtunes) I will tell you that he also just blew my mind by playing a song from Bon Iver’s new unreleased album! 
(Props to Sutton for the heads up) 
Makes me all that more excited for June 18!

So anyways, if anyone has a magical teleporter that they want to let us borrow just let me know, it would be amazing right about now. 
We may have found a good deal on a U-Haul in Phoenix. 
Josh’s dad told us if we got the U-Haul then we should stop and pick up the elk from the interstate and take it home to get it mounted for the wall. 
Who Knows? 
We literally just keep looking at each other and laughing because of the predicament we are in. 
That’s all we can do . . . Laugh.


Empirically Erin said...

2 things: #1, it sucks that the bikes were stolen. This is the craziest trip I've ever read about! and #2 I am extremely impressed in the planning that must have gone into playing the Full House theme song on the bridge. hahaha that's awesome.

Alyx said...

Holy crap.
I cannot believe the luck you guys had on this trip! Sheesh.

Hannah Crain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah Crain said...

Hi Emily! I'm Hannah! Maggie Coleman was telling me I had to check out your blog! :) We just got back from Cali but didn't have quite the crazy/fun/comical adventure as you guys! I posted a few pics here... Enjoyed reading your fun stories! Congrats on your engagement!

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