The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 5]

May 5, 2011

"Cinco de Sucko"
Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well, today has been an interesting day, but not surprising at all considering our luck. We didn’t have many plans other than the Beatles show, so we spent most of the afternoon relaxing. 
Bart & I decided to test our luck at roulette again, and we patiently watched the annoying little ball land on red 11 consecutive times. 
Not in our favor. 
Is that a record?
Luckily we came away unscathed. I wish I could have gotten a picture to prove it was true, but they have gotten really strict on cameras and cell phones in casinos now. 

After that, Josh received a delightful phone call saying his car was totaled. 
Not to mention the fact that we have been arguing daily with the insurance people, because they claim we don’t have rental coverage . . . even though we were told we are covered by the first person we spoke to. So basically, we have a rental car that we might have to pay the full price for (about $2,000 out of pocket) that we have to return to Phoenix (which caused us to re-route our 3rd week of the trip), and we will not be returning to a fixed Land Rover. 
Does anyone have an airplane we can borrow that could fit us, all our camping stuff, and 3 mountain bikes?
So until we find a magic plane, a really sweet friend who wants to come pick us up, or get the insurance check and buy a new car . . . we are stuck on the west coast. 
Sorry PA school . . . catch ya later.

But hey, as my Dad has drilled into my head my whole life, its all about your attitude. 
There’s no need in dwelling on all the bad things . . . we could see this as a great thing: 
-Josh gets to get a brand new car (even though he will never find a Land Rover for as good of a deal as he got his)
-Josh’s insurance won’t go up . . . because as the adjuster said “the Elk hit y’all, ya’ll didnt hit the elk, right?”
-We get to spend longer in Cali (even though we will miss Jackson Hole)
-We don’t have to buy Premium gas anymore! 
Hooray Hooray!

On a lighter note . . . we just received word from a source back home that Bart “The Dart” Fisher just won Ryan Chevy’s Salesman of the Month! Wahooooooooooo! Congrats Bart!

And we will celebrate his victory by going to see The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil Show . . . which kinda drained our bank accounts but who cares. 
We got $40 off thanks to a kind soul at the ticket booth, and the boys are willing to do anything to shut me up about missing the show last time we came. 
So everyone wins! 
We’ll post more pictures from tonight sometime tomorrow, because by the time we get back we will be out of internet, but we hear there’s more out Californie Way :)

For lunch/breakfast we went back to Hash House A Go Go . . . we couldn’t help it. 
It’s toooooooo good. 
Bart got a burger stuffed with mashed potatoes that was bigger than his ego.

The poor little ‘ol diabetic had to take a gallon of insulin to cover the carbs in the chicken and waffles . . . which he conquered

And I got a bananas foster pancake bigger than a Johnny’s party pizza...but as much as I love Johnny’s, this was a bazillion times better. Probably the best pancake of my life.

The boys shocked me and the waiter by making happy plates. 
The waiter said he rarely sees that happen . . . . but my plate was another story. 
I pretty much dominated that pancake.

Saw this shirt today and it reminded me of ‘ol Chipper. 
I wish I would have bought it instead of just taking a picture.

Speakin of pups, we miss Charlie. 
So, I’ll post some pics in honor of ‘ol Charles.

And nowwwwwwww, Your Parting Pic of the Day:

Present Day Follow Up Thoughts:
In response to the above picture, Gross.
How did I let Josh get away with that?
Payback is coming, no worries.
Some little sneakster (aka Josh) thought it would be funny to change the headline of the blog on that particular day last May, and I didn't even catch it until just now.
I hate when he gets away with his pranks.

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