The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 9]

May 9, 2011

"Santa Barbara is not real life"
Monday May 9, 2011

The most repeated phrase out of my mouth today was probably “This is not real life.” 
Santa Barbara was too perfect. 
I don’t have a single complaint of the city. 
We had the best hosts, ate at the best restaurants, enjoyed the best weather, and witnessed the most beautiful scenery ever.

Last night we ate dinner at the Santa Barbara Brewing Co. 
It just so happened to be “Friends & Family” night, so we got $2 house brews and $3 off apps. 
We stuffed our faces and sampled almost every house brew, it couldn’t have worked out better!

Wayne really impressed the boys by telling his story about going to the Call of Duty: Black Ops official release party with the Coast Guard, where everyone was given a life size working replica of the RX-D Killstreak from the game.
They were like little boys on Christmas morning:

It was actually pretty awesome . . . the car had a working camera and microphone that sent audio and video to the controller. 
Bart was in video game heaven.

This mornin Katie & I took a little bike adventure to grab brunch on the beach . . . which turned out to tie with dinner last night for the best food decision of EVER.

Wayne met up with on on his lunch break . . . and also put our bikes in his trunk so that we wouldn’t go into cardiac arrest by trying to bike back up the cliff we breezed down on the way there. But hey, had either of us had a heart attack, it would have been great practice for our clinical rotations looming a few weeks away!

Next stop was State street for coffee and cupcakes . . . how freakin cute is my little monkey the barista drew for me in my latte???? 
I didn’t want to drink it

We made a quick stop at an olive oil shop and probably sampled every olive oil and balsamic vinegar in there. I ended up settling on two bottles of Chocolate balsamic vinegar, one for me and one for mom (Surprise, mom!) You may think it sounds weird, but seriously...I’m the pickiest person in the world and I loved it. As did the boys, so you know it has to be good. Have I mentioned Katie was the best hostess/tour guide EVER?

The next stop of the day proceeded to change my life. 
I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 
At first the boys were full of sweet comments like “This is your heaven“ and “It looks like Dr. Seuss threw up in here” along with multiple eye rolls, but as soon as Katie and I filled up our cups, they went right ahead and built their own cupcakes using the Frostinator and all!

We’re headed to Santa Cruz right now, where we will hopefully enjoy more surfing and less eating. 
We just passed through San Luis Obispo, which is supposedly the Happiest City in the US, from what I learned on Oprah. 
It looked sooooooooo happy.

We have a lot of celebrating to do tonight because our ‘ol blog reached 1,000 views this morning! Hooray! 
It really blows our brains to know so many people are actually looking at this, but thanks everyone for keeping up with us and for all your sweet comments! 
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Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Okay I'm officially green with envy! Seriously, California is my favourite place in the whole world...and cupcakes are my favourite thing to eat in the whole world! My sisters went to that very Whodelicious last summer and took tons of pictures for me to pretend I had been there too! My brother in law even got involved with the frostinator too even though he's not a cupcake fan! One day I will make it to that frostinator! and I'm completely jel of all your in N out eating, yum in N out are the best burgers! and congrats on 1000 views and on your engagement! exciting times ahead! p.s my husband would have been in heaven with that call of duty toy too!

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