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May 2, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

What better way to get our $1,183.60 deficit back than by working the tables in the Elk-free city of Las Vegas?
Mom, we’re goin to Vegas. 

Right now, we’re collectively running on 10 hours of sleep. 
I’ve had 4, Josh has had 4, and Bart has had 2. 
Since we left Louisiana.

We generally have three road trip rules:
1) Someone always has to stay awake with the driver
2) You can only eat at places that at least one person in the car hasn’t eaten at
3) Planning ahead might seem smart and beneficial . . . but it's not

Josh decided if we hit another elk we are gonna each pull a tooth, throw it in the car, set it on fire, then run.
The boys already made up another microbrew beer name for their future imaginary brewery:
I-40 Elk Smash and then under it in bold letters it will say “Get Wrecked”

Scenes from Phoenix:

We made a new friend in Phoenix . . . Will the bartender

We also ate some amazing food . . . 

We sampled a bunch of great beer . . . 

My favorite was the Peach Ale. Josh’s was Raj IPA. Bart’s was the Hop Knotch IPA.

Josh told me the picture below was gonna turn out like a typical tourist picture at the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Giza Pyramids with me fake touching the tip of the cactus . . .

I just wanted a picture with a cactus . . . and I think we found the biggest one out there.

The drive from Phoenix to Vegas was pretty enjoyable.
Edward Sharpe’s album was the most appropriate for the scenery.

We aren’t quite sure of our plans after Vegas . . . all we know is that we need to be in L.A. by Saturday for the Fleet Foxes concert . . . and we’ve gotttttaaaaaa squeeze in the visit to Leonard Knight at Salvation Mountain.
Josh says who knows whats gonna happen now because the Great Elk has spoken . . . but what we do know is that planning ahead is forbidden.   

Present day afterthoughts:
The comments from the original blog entertained me, I felt like I should include them.


Rebecca said...

Edward Sharpe and Fleet Foxes all in one post! LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

That cactus is HUGE ! Well I've only seen the ones you have at home and you can forget their existance for years and they're still alive & well :--D

Happy roadtrippin' !
Your fav beer sounds great, I'm not big fan of them but peach..hmm :)

Indie by heart

Bubble My Licorice said...

Great post! Love the photos :)

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