The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 11]

May 11, 2011

"Could you be a little more Pacific?"
Wednesday May 11, 2012

Last night, after we refreshed from a long day of somewhat successful surfing, we made another biking adventure to dinner . . . this time Google Maps sent us through an amusement park and along a railroad track bridge. 
Scary stuff. 

Thank the Lordy for Bart havin an iPhone 4. 
Josh and I are stuck in the stone age with iPhone 3g (not even 3gS!) and the only service our phones provide is a calculator. 
My mom’s theory is that Apple has a conspiracy to make your product break by the time the newest version comes out . . . think about it.

Anyways, we had dinner at Seabright Brewery. 
We just so happened to catch “Neighborhood Night” and have $2.95 fish tacos and $3.50 house brews/$7 pitchers.

Oh yea, we saw snookie . . . 

Josh kept up the tradition and bought his growler . . . and then realized we had ridden bikes to the restaurant. 
After a moment of pure genius, he crafted this little Indian Jones style “satchel”:

I can hear the “Real Men of Genius” tune in the distance: 

This mornin we had the best intentions of waking up at 8 to surf at the peak surfing hour in Santa Cruz.
HAH, not so much. 
As soon as our alarms went off, we were reminded of the ice daggers that pierced our skin yesterday. 
Josh also reminded us of his dreams involving great white sharks for the past three nights. 
We pulled back the shades=saw zero sunlight, checked the weather=52 degrees, felt our wetsuits=still wet, realized if we surfed today we wouldn’t be able to return to our room and shower before hittin the road to Yosemite, and then we took a vote=0 votes in favor of surfing again today. 
The warmth of the comfy beds won the battle. 
Great decision Team Elk.

Look at this damage from what we believe to be the world’s smallest shark:

Overall, Santa Cruz was pretty fun. 
It kinda seemed like the Austin of California. 
It had a good music scene, but just realllllyyyy different people. 
You could definitely tell who was a local and who wasn’t. 
The boys fit right in, because they can pull off that grungy/nasty/dirty look oh so well

The drive to Yosemite is pretty mountainous, so we are all mentally prepared for a grizzly bear or moose to pop out at any moment, allowing us to total yet another vehicle. 
One can only hope . . . 

We won’t have another post for a few days cause there ain’t no internet out der in den mountains . . . so, sorry, we hope you’ll survive without us for a while, right?

And now . . . your “Parting PICKLE of the Day”:

Bart and I have a conspiracy that Josh’s mission with the “Parting Pic of the Day” is to completely embarrass everyone but him by taking a terrible picture. 
He claims he’s “not capable of taking a bad picture” . . . so we finally rose against his tyranny and took matters into our own hands. 
We are taking over today’s “Parting Pic of the Day” with this beauty:

Comments from the original blog:


The Ugly Homemaker said...

I just found your blog and seriously, you crack me up! Who knew a belt could double as a growler holder? I'm in love with your blog and can't wait to keep reading. I'm grabbing that button of yours and referring my peeps...all six of them. Thanks for the laughs while I sit here having my coffee praying my kids sleep a little longer. Have a great day!


soychild. said...

Oh gosh, your posts are freaking hilarious. Can you say I'm totes following you?! Because I am. I really am. Oh and I'm jealous that you can surf and got a shark bite so you can tell the fellas "Yeah. It's a shark bite."

Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog, it definitely made my day :)

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