Brewsday: Sweetwater Brewing Co.

Sep 23, 2011

We came across the Sweetwater Brewery after my parents moved to Woodstock, Ga last year. 
On our first trip up there, naturally the first thing we did was google breweries near Woodstock. Sweetwater happened to be nearby, so we made plans to do a brewery tour. Out of all the breweries we've been to, it's by far one of our favorites.

Sweetwater was started by two old college buddies Freddie Bensch and Kevin McNerney in Boulder, Co. They realized that they liked brewing more than books and got jobs washing kegs at a local brewery for free beer. After they graduated they decided instead of getting real jobs they would move out west and attend the American Brewers Guild in California. They worked a while at local breweries and finally decided that the Atlanta area was the perfect location for a west coast style brewery. It was then that Sweetwater Brewing Co. was born.

The tour only cost $7 and you got a 7 tickets with a pretty cool fancy Sweetwater glass. Each of those tickets allowed you to get a full glass of any beer on tap.
A full glass!
Anyone in the Atlanta area lookin for a cheap first date?? 

Bartender photo bomb.

During the tour, the guide told us about his favorite beer "Happy Ending" Imperial Stout which is best served once it has aged a few years. 
We bought a few bottle to save up for this coming New Year's Eve, as well as the next one.

Dank Tank might possibly be the coolest thing of all the cool things Sweetwater has to offer.
It's a series of rarely released randomness that is never the same beer. The brewers develop a new batch every few months, it's kinda their chance to get creative and come up with something crazy. Our favorite beer from the Dank Tank that we have got to try so far is the Border Hopper Double IPA. It is 8.6% alcohol and delicious. Kinda grapefruity and citrusy and delicious.



Laura Cooper said...

I am a proud regular of the Sweetwater Brewery! :) Last time we went, the whole side parking lot was under construction and they revealed their plans for expansion!

Jaxon Oakley said...

I am too much happy.

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