The Greatest Products of Reality TV

Sep 7, 2011

I never really caught on to the madness of The Voice, but I definitely fell in love with Elenowen.
It wasn't hard to become addicted.

. . . and who can't love Casey Abrams?
Just way too much talent for American Idol.

Even though I've never really been into America's Got Talent, I'm willing to tune in some more to these these next few performers.
Josh came across this video of the group iLuminate recently and we were mesmerized.
Can't wait to see what else they have up their lit up sleeves!

. . . and then I happened to catch this performance on the same show last night as well.

. . . and last but not least:

I don't miss Jon & I don't miss Kate.
I just miss the happy times and the cutest children in the world.
Highlight: the 2 minute mark
"Hannah pooped in Hannah's undahwears"

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