ACL Weekend via Instagram

Sep 19, 2011

According to my phone, we had quite the action packed weekend in Austin . . .

We ate lots of lots of awesome food . . .

. . . found some awesome street art!
(Which reminded us of the Space Invader Artist from the Exit Through the Gift Shop Movie, but we aren't quite sure this is his work or not)

Ahi tuna burger at HopDoddy!

Our minds were blown repetitively by multiple live shows . . . 
(Fleeeeeet Foxes!!)

. . . including The Head & The Heart's ACL aftershow at Antone's!

. . . but the greatest thing of all was that I got to spend the weekend with this little fella!
(Who actually got his first weekend off work! Hooooooray!)

Check back later this weekend for the full post about our ACL weekend in Austin!

1 comment:

Maggie said...

fun pics! i love that place!

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