I don't care what you say, Taylor Swift is the greatest

Sep 22, 2011

To be honest, Ellie and I kinda forgot about this concert until this past weekend.
We bought the tickets forevvvvvvver ago, and it all just kinda slipped our minds.

If I could describe the show in one word it would be dramatic.
It was like 50% Crique du Soliel and 50% Glee.

. . . which was awesome. 
I can't even try to act all hard and lie.
She's about as good as they come.
You really can't hate her.
I realize she probably says the same exact lines to every audience at every show, but I don't care.
She loved Bossier City Tuesday night and Bossier City loved her too.

Picture overload!

We fell in love with Bo from Needtobreathe.
(He's the one who wrote the awesommmmmmme song "Something Beautiful")

Look at Taylor being all sassy and popping out of the stage.

Crazy firework finger girls.

This guy came out to dance in between set & costume changes.
He reminded us of the Broadway show "Stomp"

Rockin the banjo.
"Mean" was one of our favorites of the show.
I think I just like songs that require you to stomp, which is probably why I'm in love with the Avett Brothers live shows.
Lots of stompage.
(3 more weeks!!)

Notice the goat.
The weird little goat on wheels.

A random bridge came down with violinists.

Lots of hair swinging.
Taylor Swift swings her hair? What?

Then there was a whole little wedding scene for the song "Speak Now"

Then she went to the back of the arena, sat down by a lit up tree, and played her ukelele.

Pretty chill & sad . . . until the tree lit up purple and gold.
Looks like someone is a tiger fan.

Then there was a really good ballerina 
(en pointe!)

It was all pretty and wintery and magical, then it turned dark and scary and she played Haunted.
Appropriate I guess.
Notice the dancer people hanging from the bells.

Then she got all cute, popped out of the stage again, and looked around the room some more and was all like "yall are here for meeee??"

. . . and then she sang "Fifteen" and I teared up.
ONLY because it has always reminded me of Ellie.
(Because it first came out when Ellie was fifteen, and I cry about everything)
I also have a similar reaction to Brad Paisley's "Letter to Me" because it reminds me of Michael.
I need to get my tear ducts surgically removed.

. . . and then she just floated away on a balcony cage thing.

See? I told ya it was Cirque du Soleil!

Since Taylor was in Louisiana, she covered "Lucky" by the queen of Louisiana, B. Spears.
She is just SO darn cute.


Maggie said...

"...and I cry about everything." - I feel your pain. Most recently, I watched Soul Surfer.... and everything about that movie, from the very beginning of the previews (which included Courageous and To Save a Life) to the very end of the movie I was a basket-case. What's happening to me?!

Maggie said...

Also... This definitely looked like a Broadway production. Just wow. All I can say. Sad I missed it!

Emily said...

Jenna said the exact same thing about soul surfer! she cried the entire time! im too scared to watch it, i won't survive. Don't be sad you missed the concert, I heard she was making a dvd out of a show from her tour! hooray!

Anonymous said...

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