East Coast Road Trip Part 2: NYC & DMB @ The Beacon

Sep 15, 2011

I honestly have no idea what the name of our hotel was but it was awesome and cheap and a block from Times Square.
I think it was so cheap because it was under renovation.

The concert we were going to was being advertised in the mag in out hotel room.

Brother Mikey and his bigggggg ol sammy.

I wasn't prepared for the chilliness of the city, so I had to buy an awesome touristy sweatshirt and I love it.

No worries, we didn't lose Nelson in the epic battle of Philly Cheese Steak.
We dropped him off at the airport so he could go meet his parents in Jackson Hole.
Sucks for him, huh?

The very mature adult men wanted a picture imitating Einstein from the billboard.

Street meat was pretty much the staple of the trip.
We sampled it in every city we could.

Beware! Children on seesaws!!!!!!

Rocky, Colt, and TumTum take down Chinatown

Showin off their purchases.
They paid real money for those.

Concert time!
Ok, let me explain how we got these tickets.
The show was technically a private event with only 2,800 tickets for sale.
If you were a Dave Matthews Band fan club member, then you were allowed to put your name in the lottery system.
Josh and our friend Jared both put their names in the lottery for two tickets each, and thankfully Jared was able to win some for us!

Poor Mike and Tyler.
They unsuccessfully bought some scalped tickets before the show and didn't realize they were fakes until they got to the entrance.
I would have puked on the worker.
I have nightmares about those kinda things.

Anyways, the show was ridiculous.
The setlist was pretty basic with Dave and the boys playin most of their new stuff with all the popular songs mixed in between, but all the tv cameras everywhere really made for a surreal experience.
The venue was absolutely beautiful as well!

Of course, Josh had to get his poster. 
Of his 30 DMB shows, he's only missing 1 show poster.

Can't go to NYC without getting some Crumbs!

I couldn't make up my mind (naturally) so I had to settle on the mini cupcake sampler pack!

Oh yea and the naked cowboy.
Oooo la barf.

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