The Rats Eat Their Way Through Austin

Sep 6, 2011

This past weekend Mom, Ellie, and I decided to head to Austin.
We initially planned to go to New Orleans so Ellie could look at Tulane, but the ol tropical storm put a little kink in that plan.
We ended up re-routing to Austin so that Ellie could look at UT and also shop for some vintage clothes for Homecoming court!
(Shout out to Ellie! Glenbrook Senior Maid 2011! wahooooo)

This was actually my first time to be in town for something other than Austin City Limits, so I had plenty  of things on our agenda.
We probably spent 75% of the trip eating, and 20% of the trip thinking about/planning the next place to eat, and the other 5% shopping.

We started the trip off on the right foot . . . with a ticket.

My personal favorite restaurant of the weekend: FoodHeads

Hands down the greatest most fresh meal I've ever eaten in my life. As soon as we left, I was already dying to go back.  
They also had a pretty interesting menu too: watermelon gazpacho soup and spicy sweet potato soup.

We found a few interesting vintage shops along the way too . . .

My favorite antique shop!

I love globes!

 I love PBR and I love margaritas . . . I'm just not sure about them combined.

Seeing all the 10th Anniversary Austin City Limits signs got me pummmmped.

This entertained me.

Tell us how you really feel . . .

I just love eggs.

Thanks to my handy dandy Austin Food Truck app, we found all the hot spots!


Sorry Crepes a la Cart in Breckenridge, you lose.

It wouldn't be a complete trip to Austin without another stop at Hey Cupcake!

Ellie's favorite store of the trip.

Greatest bar name EVER.

Mom's favorite food truck.

What a great meal:
Breckenridge Brewery Agave Wheat and a bananas foster cake pop

Another neat little "food truck trailer park":
See food truck to the left? "Local Yolk"
My fav. Have I mentioned I love eggs?
I got a egg, avocado, and cream cheese sammy.
mmmm mmmmmm.

Aw look at the little Vegan ordering her Vegan food.

Mom was nearly in tears when she saw this food truck playing 8-track tapes.

Ellie got a peanut butter and jelly shake . . . that tasted like someone put a PB&J in the blender with some ice. 

I liked this one because it reminded me of the Evil Eyes that Josh brought me back from Turkey.

And now . . .
The King of All Food Trucks:
Gordough's Donuts.

Can you read that menu or are you blinded by all the sugary goodness?
We settled on we settled on ODB (cream filled donut holes with cream cheese icing rolled in coconut) and funky monkey (grilled bananas & cream cheese icing and brown sugar) and son of a peach (peach filling, cinnamon & sugar, and cake mix topping)
. . . and then we all got diabetes and died.
Just kidding. Diabetes is not a joking matter. I love diabetes and all the people that have it. Go Josh!

We also had some ballin Sushi along the way.
This particular roll had strawberries on top with shrimp, cream cheese, and kiwi glaze.

Dinner at HopDoddy.
Brilliant ordering technique, I might add.

Last but not least . . .
Of course, we had to see the infamous bats.
1.5 million to be exact.

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Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Austin, my fave! Best city to go to college in ever, at least in my opinion :)

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