East Coast Road Trip Part 1: Baltimore, Philly, & Boston

Sep 14, 2011

Flashback to May 2009 . . . 

We ended up finding a few tickets to the two night Dave Matthews Band concerts at Fenway Park in Boston, as well as winning two tickets for the another DMB concert in NYC that was being shown live on FUSE. 
It was a few days before the highly anticipated release of the band's new studio album "Big Whiskey & The Groogrux King" . . . so we couldn't just not go, right?
We debated flying, or taking Amtrak, but the best (and cheapest!) way to knock it all out was to just make a road trip out of it!
We got together some of our friends and made a few stops in some cool east coast cities along the way.

We couldn't drive through Virginia with all these Sigma Nu's in the car, without stopping at VMI, where Sigma Nu was founded.

We took a few pics with "The Rock" and made our way north.

I wonder if I'm the only Sigma Nu White Rose to ever sit on The Rock?

We stopped in Baltimore for dinner and an Orioles game . . .

Attack of the Polo tees!

Then we spent the night in Philly, and thought about going to see the Liberty Bell.
Until we saw the lines and changed our mind.
We figured that taking a picture with a picture of the Liberty Bell was good enough, right?

Next up: Boston!

We had a pretty sweet view from the window of our hotel room.
What's that big green building back there?
Ohhhh you know, just Fenway.

For some strange reason, they were selling the new albums a week before their release.
Needless to say, Josh was one happy little boy!

Being hardcore Man vs Food fans, we tracked down all the Boston hotspots that Adam Richman stopped at.
Our favorite was Eagle's Deli!

Nelly thought he could take the Eagle's Deli Challenge: a 5 pound 10 patty burger, with 20 slices of cheese, 20 pieces of bacon, 5 pounds of fries, and a giant pickle.
Here's the before pic:

. . . and here's the after pic:

Good effort Nelly! We are still proud of you for trying! 

Just when I thought I was mastering the "Name the Setlist" game that Josh & I play, he beats me.
12 for 20 is pretty good!

The tallest guy on the trip somehow managed to sleep on two chairs?

Next Man vs Food stop: The Barking Crab

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!
NYC for the DMB album release concert at The Beacon Theater live on FUSE!


jackie said...

this trip looks so awesome. i think my favorite part is that it was just you and a bunch of guys. guys are awesome to be friends with. they're chill and they like beer and baseball. what more could you want? and i dig the road trip part of it too. just awesome all around :)

Emily said...

haha, i couldn't agree more! i wish i could do another trip like that at least once a month! so fun!

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