Oh Deer, It's Almost Here!!!

Sep 4, 2011

Since I had plans to be in Austin for Labor Day weekend, I kindly asked Josh if he would mind writing a post or two for the blog. He asked what he should write about and I said whatever you want or beer.
. . . and this is what I got.
I guess it's easy to confused beer with deer.

P.S. I hope you understand Josh's odd sense of humor, don't take him too seriously

Welp it's only 16 days away until September 17th. Thats right just 16 days until we can rise at the crack of dawn, sling our quiver around our back and take trail to the heart of nature. Thats right bow season is just around the corner and I can't help but think how excited everyone is getting. It is gonna be a big day down here in Sportsman's Paradise AKA Louisiana.

There is nothing quite as primitive as bow hunting compared to all the technology and other mumbo jumbo we have these days. It's almost as if hunting has become unfair. That is not the case however in bowhunting. Bowhunting is how our ancestors hunted and we can honor them by following in their foot steps. So mark it on your calender that them deers are gonna be waiting on ya come Sept. 17.

So you can think of it this way.....you still have 16 more days to practice.

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John Hillman said...

Good review. I have actually read a lot of your blog posts in the last hour. I really enjoy what you are doing here. (And as a writer of fantasy novels, I'm enjoying looking at different aspects of that when you go through them in blog post). And truly, I love world-culture building. Thank's for tips.

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