Totally Terrific Tuneday: The Tallest Man on Earth

Sep 16, 2011

With two surgery rotations back to back looming in my future, Josh offered to help out with some of the bloggage. His specialty: beer and music. From time to time he will be dropping in with his thoughts on music with "Totally Terrific Tuneday" and his tastes on beer with "Brewsday" posts. He has experience brewing his own beer, as well as "sampling" various brews from many different microbreweries around the country, so I consider him an expert on the topic.
Hope you enjoy!

In a world of pop music, fancy smancy light shows, and MTV, there are still those artists out there that make real music. The kind of music that you hear and have an eargasm.
Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man on Earth, is one of those artists. He is a super cool singer-songwriter from Sweden that plays guitar, piano, and banjo. His unique style has been compared to those of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie.
 Our all time favorite song, "The Wild Hunt" often sets the vibe for the perfect roadtrip.
If you have never heard of him, just tickle your ears with these videos and I think you'll understand. 

We're off to Austin City Limits for the weekend!
(Riiiiight after we watch Ellie get presented on Homecoming Court today . . . congrats again El!)

Catch ya lataaaa

P.S. Speaking of ACL, one of our favorite bands from last year's festival, Blind Pilot, just released their new album!
It's only $8.99 on iTunes, that's cheaper than baby food!

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