Another live music filled weekend

Sep 17, 2011

We're so excited to back at Austin City Limits for the third year! 
Happy 10th Anniversary, ACL!

An entertaining discussion on the drive to Austin:

Me: Would you rather see Stevie Wonder instead of My Morning Jacket? 
Josh: What's wrong with My Morning Jacket? 
Me: Don't you wanna see a blind guy play the piano? 
Josh: I'm sure he would much rather see us.

Terrible joke, I know.

Can't wait to see some of our favorites like . . .
Fleet Foxes, Alexander, The Antlers, Arcade Fire, Young the Giant, Iron & Wine, Empire of the Sun, Broken Social Scene & The Head and The Heart (twice!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily!

I found your blog through Today's Letters and I'm pretty much obsessed with your adventures! Not to mention your amazing taste in tunes. I'd love to follow you on Twitter, do you have an account??


Emily said...

Aw thanks! That's too sweet, I'm glad you enjoy it! I actually don't have a twitter, not sure why, I've just never really wanted one. You can add me to Facebook though! That's really the only thing I update regularly besides this blog and my instagram account. Just search Emily Ratcliff and you can find me! Thanks again for the sweet message!

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