Charlie is . . . TOADally brave

Jul 20, 2011

One night last week I thought the moon looked freakishly cool, so I dragged Josh and Charles outside with me while I tried to take some cool moon pics

Little did I know we would get to experience a Marley moment . . .

 I was sittin down on the dock taking the picture above (while Josh was discretely "relieving himself" on the other side of the dock) and then we heard a splash.
Not like a fish jumping out of the water splash. 
It was more like a sumo wrestler doing a cannonball splash.

I almost peed my pants, while Josh literally peed his pants, and we sprinted to the sound only to find Charlie struggling to swim among the lilly pads/weeds in the disgusting swamp that my apartment complex considers a pond.

I was completely prepared to jump in and grab him, until I realized there was no way out.
The pond was a giant black hole of death.
The dock was a good 5 feet above the water and there were no ladders, beach, or steps to exit anywhere near us.

After about 394820938409238409238 seconds, Charlie paddled close enough to Josh so that he could grab his neck skin (which always weirds me out) to pull him out.

Our theory is that Charlie got crunk about the weird frog sounds, and thought he would do some investigating by hopping off the pier into what he assumed was grass.

I took some pictures of the dock the next day as evidence. 

The scene of the crime . . . 

He wasn't affected one bit . . . I think he enjoyed making me think he was dead and making Josh pee himself.

. . . but anyways, didn't the moon look awesome?

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