I love Katie's weekly "Suck-Up Cupcakes"

Jul 1, 2011

Being lowly little second year PA students, we often have to win nurses, residents, and attendings over with kindness (along with our mind-blowing level of education).

Katie has perfected this by cooking cupcakes for the staff of the LSU Peds clinic every Friday.
. . . and I get to be the lucky taste-tester!

Rotations might not turn out to be that bad after all :)

So far she has made . . .

Cream cheese stuffed red velvet cupcakes 

Dr. Love's chocolate cupcakes
(Supposedly, these were the favorite of the clinic)

She also made PB&J cupcakes . . . but we didn't get any pics of those. Not sure why, but oh well, guess that means we will have to make them again.
For the record, I didn't taste test those . . . I'm not a PB&J fan, but from what I heard, they were delightful!

. . . and the grand finale . . .

White Chocolate Bread Pudding Cupcakes!!!

She makes up all the recipes as she goes, so if you want a copy you'll have to probe her brain.
Kidding . . . im sure she'll gladly email any of the recipes to whoever wishes to have them.

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