Weekend in Colorado: Denver, Breckenridge & The Avett Brothers and Grace Potter @ Red Rocks!

Jul 11, 2011

Even though we only had the weekend in Colorado, Maggie & I still managed to cram so many activities into those three short days!

After taking care of business with my favorite people in the world (AKA rental car company employees), we loaded up our fiiiiiiine XXR and headed downtown.

We got the full LoDo (lower downtown for those of you who are like whhhhhhhat) experience by getting hassled by petty cab drivers, accidentally stepping on homeless people, and experiencing an infused vodka bar. Horseradish vodka, anyone?

We found this bookstore that we were dying to return to for brunch on Sunday.

We didn't have any plans for Saturday, other than the concert Saturday night, so why not just drive to Breckenridge for the day? After all, there was only a 50% chance of rain . . .

It turned out to be the best decision in the world.
Breckenridge in the summer is my favorite city in the country. . . and the winter too :)

Of course, we had to stop for Crepes!

I got Bananas Foster & Maggie got Nutella, blueberries and brown sugar.


Conveniently, it was bike week while we were there!
It made me miss my bike very much.
I can just picture a homeless man in San Fran cruising around on it. Barf.

This pic is for you Dad :)

It was so strange for me to see the slopes without snow.
We were JUST skiing here 6 months ago.

I was really nervous about how we were gonna get off the lift without skis on . . .

This one's for you Josh

Awkward Maggie pic!

Bye bye Breck!

Helllloooooo Red Rocks!

It only rained a teeny tiny bit . . . glad my children's poncho came in handy!

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals!

John Denver's daughter was there in honor of her father being inducted into the Red Rocks Hall of Fame.

Avett Brothers!


 The show completely blew our minds. The venue was insane, the weather was perfect, Grace was insane, the Avett's played a brand new song (and Laundry Room!) AND they said that their new cd would be released September 29th! Ahhhhhhhh!

Overall the entire experience was so unreal.

Maggie took this awesome pic after the show.

. . . and this one just happened to come out pretty awesome!

The next morning we returned to our favorite little bookstore in America . . .
The Tattered Cover

We couldn't have asked for a more relaxing, fun-filled, amazing, jam packed little weekend getaway!

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