Jul 22, 2011

Josh is probably gonna shoot me with his air-soft gun from 1999 for posting this, but I'm just so darn proud of him, I can't help but brag about the boy. . . 

These are all of his oil pastel drawings from high school.
He was actually voted "Most Talented" and "Meanest Practical Joker in the Whole Entire World"
Ok, I made that last one up, but everyone knows that if that were a category, he would have been crowned all time permanent king.

(Now he's really gonna paint my face with a permanent marker in my sleep)

. . . and for the grand finale . . .

Josh's rendition of the former Dave Matthews Band sax player, Leroi Moore
Josh drew this before he tragically died in a ATV accident.
Leroi died, not Josh
 (in case that was confusing . . . can you picture Josh on a tragic ATV?)
I ended up sneaking it away from his hidden art stash and getting it framed for his birthday.
This one is by far my absolute favorite.

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