Craziest flight of our lives

Jul 9, 2011

Our flight from Dallas to Denver last night was by far one of the strangest/twilight zoniest plane rides of our lives.

Well for starters, once we got on the plane Maggie was searching for gum in my purse and found a wrapped scalpel blade. I assume it has been in my purse ever since anatomy lab last summer...which means I've gotten through security with it in 6 major airports since then.

Once on the plane, we noticed a passenger with a fascinating piece of luggage. As I was about to ask him what it was holding, we noticed hair hanging out of the side.
No. Joke.

Who cares that our flight was delayed an hour? We got free warm chocolate chip cookies from this fine gentleman!

Without much thought and deliberation...we're headin to my favorite city in the state, Breckenridge, for the day!

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