Wedding Weekend in New Orleans

Jul 18, 2011

 Highlights of the weekend in Nola:
Chillaxing with Fergie & Josh Duhamel
(Josh Kerrigan's words, not mine)
Playing dress up with a superbowl ring
Enjoying an amazing wedding at the Roosevelt
and waiting in the monsoon to eat at Mother's

Chelsie and Brad got their picture with the amazing couple of hotness
Josh and I only got to ride the elevator with Mr. Tad Hamilton . . .
No words were spoken, but many potentially awkward conversations were going through my head
like, "Josh, meet Josh"
or pretending like we didn't notice who he was and saying, "Gah, everyone keeps texting us about seeing Fergie and her stupid husband...who caresssssss"

While playing dress up with my husband Drew Brees's ring (kidding) I briefly considered sending out a mass text saying "We're engaged!"

In fear of giving my mother a heart attack, I didn't.

Eating at Mother's was deffffffinitely worth the wait . . . in the rain.
Doesn't this look like a terrible senior picture?

Check back tomorrow for an awesome post about an awesome piece of art that we DIDN'T get to see in New Orleans. 

It was sooooo awesome.

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