Mikey's 21st birthday present

Jul 6, 2011

I had to give Mikey his birthday present a day early, because he is leaving tonight for Atlanta with Josh and some of their friends for a concert & weekend trip.

He is moving into the fraternity house this fall, so I figured he needed some masculine artwork for the walls. 

I found this project on one of my favorite blogs, and modified it using one of my favorite Avett Brother quotes.

Somehow, with the encouragement of the greatest craft assistant ever (Maggie) I freehanded the lettering using this awesome paint pen.

 We were afraid to buy it at first because it looked pretty sketchy . . . Maggie said that brand might be the Rose Art of paint pens. It turned out to be a great investment, and much easier than using a brush! We thought it would be just like a normal paint pen, but the consistency of the paint was actually more like lipstick, if you can imagine that.

I know what those of you who have seen my handwriting are thinking...there's no way I actually freehanded that, but I did! Maggie kindly talked me through it and encouraged me every step of the way.

. . . and the finished product

. . . anddd he loves it!

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