Roadtrip to Rothbury Part 2: Rothbury Music Festival

Jul 28, 2011

 Once we pulled up to the campsite/field/parking lot, we asked a worker where to go and his first words were "Here's the scoopsickle"
. . . with a totally stoner/SoCal/surfer accent
That one statement pretty much set the tone for the entire weekend.

Watch the video I filmed of the infamous monkeys!

Oh you know . . . just a morning yoga sesh.

Couldn't do without the 'ol canteen.

Damien Marley
(Bob Marley's son)

Snoop with his gin & juice

Sherwood forest in the day . . . 

Sherwood forest at night . . .

We were so excited to be celebrating our 1 year and a half anniversary on the 4th of July!
Ohhhhh how times have changed . . .

Holdin down the fort on the front row for DMB
Oh how times have changed . . . again

Citizen Cope

Makin a "Get Well Soon" Sign for Leroi

Thomas couldn't hang . . .

I won an award!

This was our first time to see Michael Franti and we fell in love.
He is one of the best entertainers we have ever seen!
SO much energy!

Dave shocked everyone by randomly hoppin on stage for a little dance party

Then Michael Franti shocked us by hoppin the fence into our chair!
He broke my chair and I'm pretty pissed about it.
Around the 8 second mark, you may see Michael's fingers intertwined in someone elses fingers . . .
Him and Jose had a moment :)

I caught Dave's two minute crazy dance on video . . . check it out below

To our complete surprise, Josh AND Bart both caught drumsticks!
I guess the sign worked . . .

Day 3:
Brett Dennen.

Anything works to stay in the shade.

Trey Anastasio from Phish

Colbie Callait and her hottie guitar player

John Mayer

I think he was bitter than he wasn't on the main stage, because his set list was average.
He did cover George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" though, which was delightful.

JM guitar pick number two!

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