Tune Throwdown: Tom Petty Cover Songs

Jul 25, 2011

Josh & I often have music video battles via email, so we decided we would share our battles on the here and let everyone else be the judge this time around.

Josh's choice:
Pearl Jam-I Won't Back Down @ The Gorge

My choice:
Bret Dennen + Missy Higgins-Breakdown 

(To get the full mind blowing effect buy it on iTunes)

Now, before you judge me, I just want to clarify that I am not a Bret Dennen fan.
I tried my hardest to be, believe me.
I have open mindedly sat through 3 of his concerts (as an opening act) so, for real, I gave 100% effort to like him.
It's just the way he says "thank you"
I. Can't. Stand. It.

I just tolerated him for the 3 minutes and 6 seconds because this song is currently crack to my ears.

Vote for your favorite below!

Oh yea . . .
Honorable mention:

What's your choice?

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