"Before I Die" Mural in New Orleans

Jul 19, 2011

Lately I've been obsessing over the projects of the Nola artist Candy Chang.
She has so many projects and public installations all over the world, but my favorite right now is the "Before I Die" project in New Orleans.

Chang transformed an old unused wall into a chalkboard where anyone can write their dreams of what they want to do before they die.

Every once in while they wash the wall and before you know it, all the blanks are filled once more.

I was hoping we could hunt down the installation this weekend but unfortunately, the house was bought and the wall has been taken down. 
They are actually selling 100 limited edition pieces of the former wall for $150 and all proceeds go to future "Before I Die" projects around the world. You can click here for more info about taking a piece of the wall with you.
To keep the project alive, they allow fans to post their dreams online right here.
They recently installed a "Before I Die" wall in Kazakhstan, and had an installation in a Dallas Gallery last year!
They are in the process of choosing another city (or ghost town in the Mojave) in America for another "Before I Die" wall.

Another interesting project she did was the "I wish this was" campaign, where she provided fill in the blank stickers for people to place on structures around New Orleans.

If you have some spare time, I would highly recommend taking a look around her website at all the projects. There is some REALLY interesting stuff.

All photos came from the website www.candychang.com

Check back tomorrow for an new blog series dedicated to the coolest dog in the universe:

We get way too much entertainment from this weird little creature, and we thought his oddities needed to be shared with the world.
Just to give you a little tease, future posts about Charlie will involve Gene Simmons, anorexia, and toads.
Prepare yourself.


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WTF!!!!!!!! this "dang chang" lady straight up stole my idea. thats messed up. i so wanted to do this.

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