Pine Cove!!

Jul 24, 2011

Today we dropped Ellie off for her last summer at Pine Cove.
It was pretty bittersweet.
Ellie, Michael, & I have all spent most summers of our childhood at this amazing Christian camp in Tyler, TX.
It was so weird being back there after 6 whole years.
I missed it more than I can say.
Pine Cove has had over 1 million campers, and this year marks their 44th summer!

I would pay them one bazillion dollars to let me come back one more summer and enjoy the blob, the ropes course, the "Club" worship services, and of course the banana boats!

I missed the sweet father daughter moment by a split second but oh well, still cute.

I guess me and my soccer mom camera were really embarrassing.

The staff really sped up the process this year. The counselors unloaded the car for us, then sent us on our way, so I didn't get many pictures of anything other than the scenery.

The pool, blob, and trapeze.

They send all the parents home with a cd to listen to in the car with a few messages from the camp director and their counselor. 
Pine Cove has come a longggggg way.

I couldn't go without posting a few super embarrassing pictures from my Pine Cove Experiences
I had blonde hair

Somehow, these are the only pictures I had . . . I think this was the first year Wal-Mart provided digital photo discs when you got your disposable camera film developed.

 I will never forget all the memories I made during my summers at Pine Cove and all the great friendships we developed along the way. 
I'm so thankful that our family allowed us to go for so many years.
God worked wonderfully through our amazing counselors, staff, and cabin mates.
They all had a huge part in who I have become today.

Now, they should just expand to make a camp for college aged kids.
Oh wait . . . I'm not in college anymore.

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Alexandra said...

P.S. All of us had such great style (NOT)! check out my braids and your hot pink chunky flip-flops lol! that was the summer we got the weirdo counselor who taped trash bags over the mirror! Hopefully Ellie never got any of that.

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