Bon Iver @ Winspear Opera House

Sep 13, 2011

A while back Josh surprised me with two tickets to see Bon Iver perform in Dallas.
Isn't he the greaaaatest??
We have been Justin Vernon fans for a while (we even happened to meet him last year in Austin. twice!) but this was actually our first Bon Iver show.

Up until abouttttt showtime last night, we thought that Row B meant the second row.
 . . . until we found out that it was the 6th row.
Which makes perfect sense, right?

We didn't mind one bit because the Winspear Opera House in Dallas was hands down one of the most beautiful venues we had ever been to.

I'm gonna go ahead and apologize in advance for the large amount of photos on this post.
Surprisingly the venue was one of the few that allowed SLR cameras, but they had a strict no flash policy.
Lucky for me, the no flash setting on my camera is my favorite because I believe it takes the best pictures!

The opening act was Justin Vernon's girlfriend (who I posted about here a while back).
He actually wrote the lyrics to his song Calgary as wedding vows to her before he had even met her.

 We also got to finally meet some fellow music & adventure lovers/bloggers, the Loerke's!

Yo, yo, Mikeyyyyy!

The band gathered around Justin for the encore of "Skinny Love"

Josh & I both agreed that this show ranked among our top 5 favorite concert experiences.
It was the kind of concert that makes every other concert after that insignificant.

Go to and type in phenomenal and then insert every word listed right here:

That's how the concert made me feel.


Chris Landry said...

1) Found you on the Loerke's blog.
2) I was at this concert (last minute ticket offer)
3) It was amazing
4) Love your photos!

Emily said...

1) ahhh! sweeeet
2) wasn't the show ridiculous?!?!
3) i like that you list your thoughts
4) thanks for the kind words!

The Counsellor's Mission said...

Also found you from the Loerke's blog. I was not at the concert, but love hearing about it. Keep blogging. :)

Anonymous said...

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